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Hello world!

My mommy's water broke just after dinner on March15, 2014. Daddy threw the suitcases in the car and rushed her to the hospital. Shortly after midnight, I made my debut and showed off my amazing vocals..

My First Few Months

Mommy and Daddy gave me my very own room, but I liked sleeping in theirs better. I was crying most of the nights and that used to make my mom ,dad and granny to wake up whole night.My dad was finding tough to go to work next day and my mom was on leave from her work to take care of me for 6 months.

After 6 Months

My mommy leave got over, my granny was finding tough to play with me day and night. It is then that they Dial 9071983339 to BOOK MY NANNY to play,sleep,eat and dance with me I found my best nanny through them.

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