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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does book my nanny recruit its Nannies/ babysitters/care givers in bangalore ?
  • Background check
  • Interview/Screen
  • Train
  • Induct
  • Place/Fitment
2. How does bookmynanny interview its candidates ?

We have formulized an unique set of questionnaire that can help us to pick and choose the right care giver. If the answers are satisfactory the data is recorded and they get screened. Though there is shortage of manpower who work has a baby care giver we still afford to reject candidates who are not inclined with our vision.

3. How are the candidates screened with bookmynanny ?

Screening of individuals with recent, positive experience working with/caring for children is done. This screening includes checking personal and professional references, employment and education histories/credentials, driving history report, sex offenders registry and criminal records as and when required.

4. How and what kind of background verification is done by bookmynanny ?

Book My Nanny does its care givers background verification through A-Check Global, who is a globally trusted agency for background verification. Background checks include Police Verification, Court verification and Online criminal record verification. Other background checks like address verification and referral checks are done by bookmynanny internal team. Note: Medical checks of care givers are also done if required.

5. How does bookmynanny induct its care givers ?

All Candidates go through an induction process which helps them to align with process and policies of bookmynanny. Photos and descriptions of providers—their experiences, backgrounds and interests are recorded at the end of induction process. After induction candidates will undergo training.

6. How are the care givers of bookmynanny trained ?

Bookmynanny has two kinds of training – Batch training (Specialty skills), Individual training (Basic skils). Book My Nanny has a very unique set of training modules designed especially for Babysitters/Nannies/Care Takers. Batch Trainings are done every month once or twice based on the batch size on a specialty topic that’s of use to a baby care giver. Trainers for batch training include pediatricians, nutritionists, soft skill trainers, family counselors etc. The staff who starts the service may or may not have gone through all batch training as it is dependent on the time of her joining service. But all care givers would have undergone basic individual training and counseling before the start of any job.

7. What does Fitment of a baby care giver mean ?

We as a company believe in doing Purposeful matching of client’s need to the personality of the care giver. We thoroughly consider factors like Language, family background, culture, place, interests etc. A good Fitment plays a key role in the quality of service and we strive to do our best to do the right fitment.

8. How do I BOOK MY NANNY ?

A simple form needs to be completed and submitted by the client either manually/ online / telephonic. A form which captures basic details that help in doing right fitment is analyzed by the director personally who will then initiate the process of fitment. On a pre decided booked date care service from the nanny will begin till the period or date he/she is booked.

9. What is the cost of bookmynanny Baby care/ Nanny / Baby sitter service ?

Cost varies based on the daily service hours, place of service, term of service, fitment and other factors but in general cost of basic service and premium service is fixed in most of the cases.

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