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Nanny (0 to 1 yr)

Child Minder (1 to 2 yrs)

Baby sitter (2 yrs & above)

Governess (3 to 5 yrs)

Home Help (Above 3 yrs)

Play Maid (Above 3 yrs)

Post partum care (The booking needs to be done before a week to schedule a slot) The above services includes :

Massage for mother

Support in breast feeding

and Nutrition booklet.

Meaning of NANNY ?

A baby care person who can look after a baby in a modern way or in the way today’s pediatricians suggest. Usually they do sterilization of baby’s belongings / bathing / massaging / burping / make baby sleep / feeding (bottles or spoon feeding) / keep baby’s room clean / washing and ironing baby’s clothes / giving baby regular medicines / taking the baby out and should understand the preliminary health problems of the baby / and will be little knowledgeable to take adequate care of the baby.

Meaning of a Child Minder ?

A person taking care of baby / sterilization / handle baby carefully / feed baby / give bath / keep baby’s room clean / keeping her belongings clean and as and when parents are around the baby, they can assist in the kitchen as well as small domestic work.

Meaning of a Baby sitter ?

Usually they take care of baby /handling baby / looking after all baby related job / accompany the school going baby / helping in the kitchen /helping in small domestic jobs and cooking work etc.

Meaning of a Governess

When baby is in a learning process / school going baby / when the baby understands fully the commands / enjoy playing / learning mannerism / story telling / playing piano / out door as well as indoor games. Governess can assist baby to teach all those things apart from taking care of day to day study (home task) accompany the child to activities like birthday parties / the school / swimming classes / tuition classes etc. Her roll usually in a child’s life will sometimes be like a friend and sometimes like a teacher. She may become usually responsible for overall accomplishment of the child.

Meaning of Home Help

Her role is taking care of the child and helping parent in the kitchen/ other domestic work if required.

Meaning of Play Maid

They usually have to accompany a child to play and learn, here a maid will be usually 18 to 25 years old.

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